Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Gone!

The dollar movie theater (which actually cost two dollars everyday other than Tuesday) my wife and I go to is gone.

No more seeing a movie in the theater, except on special occasions (too expensive).

No more taking the kids to the theater - with four it really adds up.

Bummed about this... still and it's ben gone since July 5th. They are tearing it down to put up a mega-gigantic theater instead. Wish I hadn't bought Kristen a bunch of gift cards to the place at Christmas time (we liked going to the movies together on our date night).

Anyway, just had to express my sadness in regards to this. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but a fun activity for us now out of reach.

Unless you all know of another one :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Setlist (07.12.08 and 07.13.08)

Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Filled With Your Glory - Starfield
Came To My Rescue - Hillsong United
Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park

Great start to our new summer series, At The Movies.
Our lighting enthusiasts took things to the next level this weekend with great transitions and color mixing, not to mention some cool effects.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What's New?

Let's see...

My wife had a great post on her blog about my daughter, her money management and her newest responsibility. I am very proud of her - almost makes you feel like you are doing some right things as a parent, though she has really done this all on her own.

Finishing our series at the Orchard called OnePrayer. This week we are honored to be hosting Perry Noble from NewSpring Church in Andersen, SC (via video). I have had the chance to meet and talk with Perry in person and share a meal with him... he is as funny in person as he was on the screen this weekend! The music team totally rocked the house so far this weekend too - can't wait for tomorrow (ok... a few short hours from now).

Starting a new series next weekend (July 12/13) called At The Movies. We're kicking off the summer in a series taking clips from some mainstream and indie films to teach some great life lessons. Great speakers part of this. Should be a lot of fun and leads us into our BBQ and Baptism in August - very exciting time for us! We so far have over 60 people signed up to be baptized this year as of last weekend! Amazing!

Working on some song writing along with two handfuls of other projects :) . We continue to tweak or new lighting system and have really been enjoying the color mixing and creativity with now have with our lights - makes a huge difference! I remember making my own par-can lights with some friends using stove pipe (innovation at its finest).

That's it for now. Working on trying to get some stuff out to you on the blog, so stay tuned.