Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok... so I've been tagged by multiple family members (thanks Keith and Kristen) so here goes.

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of you post (I’m making this optional to relieve any guilt, including my own for continuing this).
4. If you get tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag.
5. [Rule 5 was deleted because the author of this blog considered it lame :)]

Here's my six things randomly selected for your reading enjoyment:

  1. If I lived alone or my family would let me, my house would be 68 degrees in the summer and 62 degrees in the winter. I love the cold and am most comfortable when it's cooler.
  2. I love chocolate pudding. No I mean I LOVE chocolate pudding. My wife graciously makes me a giant bowl of home-made chocolate pudding for me on my birthday.
  3. I have lived in at least 14 different houses in 7 different states. My current house marks the longest I've lived in any one house.
  4. My hair use to be one-length down to my belly-button. Now I have it shaved off every week.
  5. I have within the last year listened to more books on CD than I have read in the same year. My mind wonders like crazy when I try to read so it takes me a long time to get through a book.
  6. Went to college to become a sound engineer, ended up going into music education, then into electrical engineering, computer science and finally graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. I have the classes and equivalence for three additional AA degrees in the previous subjects.
That's it for me! Wow... took me forever to post these. I'm not tagging anyone and everyone at the same time :)

What's a random thing that most people don't know about you?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Wishes 4 Todd

I'm not one of those people who celebrates year after year the birthday of those who have passed on, but this year I'm going to.

This picture is from last year. Todd loved birthdays. He loved just having fun period. He was just that kind of guy.

Today, he would be 43.

We usually tried to go out on or around each other's birthdays - though we were better about going out to celebrate our wives special days than our own. It was always a good time!

So, though I'm sad that he is not here - I still wish a great day for him and his wonderful family. A day to remember all the good things.

Really miss you big guy. Can't wait to see you again!

What's Up Doc?

Today was go-visit-the-doctor-so-he-can-poke-and-probe-you day.

Don't like going, but promised my wife I would.

He said I was a buff, healthy dude that was much more physically fit than most men my age.

Ok, so that may not be exactly what he said but at least it appears that I'm healthy overall. So now I can begin training for the 5k in Chicago.

I'm particularly mindful today of the importance of having a regular checkup. I hate it but preventative maintenance can save a life.

So, go. Today. Now. Make an appointment and go.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great 8!

This last week, as some of you read via twitter, I was in Atlanta at a conference called Catalyst. Had a great time but missed my family. Came home late Friday night (early Saturday morning) and was exhausted.

Very little sleep.

I promised Seth I'd take him to a movie and to lunch on his birthday. I was going to be spending most of the day getting ready for our Saturday evening service, but I thought it was important to celebrate my son's life. We saw a movie we had already seen (which he enjoyed anyway because he LOVES movie popcorn and being with the fam).

Can't believe this dude is 8 years old! Seems like it was just yesterday - isn't that what we always say? But it does... time is flying. He's a pretty cool guy and I enjoy hanging out with him. He's at that age where it's still cool to hang out with dad.

Hope that doesn't end anytime. I think I need him as much as he needs me.
Happy Birthday Seth!