Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on Todd

For all of you who have been following along and praying for Todd... I adapted this letter from Scott and echo his thoughts.

I’m writing this from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Last Saturday, Todd collapsed at home after unexpectedly suffering a cardiac arrest. Tragically, one thing led to another and it has since been discovered that Todd has suffered severe and irreversible brain damage.

What all of this means is that outside of a miracle, Todd’s prognosis for survival is not good. So as you can imagine, his family is now faced with some pretty tough decisions.

This is obviously a very sad and difficult situation, so please continue to keep Todd, Paula, their kids, family, and loved ones in your prayers today.

At the same time, I want you to know that even in the midst of the shock and grief of the situation, God’s presence and peace is being felt in some very tangible ways right now. Todd’s family is hopeful, and they are steadfastly resting in God’s promise that He will guide them and walk with them through each step of this journey. For that, I am so thankful!

I know so many of you are concerned and would love to be around Todd’s family right now, however, we would like to limit visits to family and close friends only at this time. I would also like to ask that phone calls to the family and hospital be kept at a minimum right now as well.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I know it means so much to the Mitchell family! They are extremely thankful for the outpouring of love they are experiencing from all of you.

Please feel free to leave a comment here on this blog. We will be sure to forward them all to Paula.

And check back periodically for updates.

Love and appreciate you all!



Doug said...

We are praying, and will continue to do so.

There are people praying all over the midwest for Todd, Paula and the boys.

We pray to the God of miracles that He bring one down on Todd now, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Doug, Joni, & the kids

KeithJonesBlog said...

I just keep praying for a miraculous healing. God's arm is not too short nor his hand too weak to heal.

Our prayers are with all of you.

Keith, B and the boys.

Eric said...

Hey Mike,

You don't know me but I'm a pastor in Michigan who linked to your blog from Scott's. I will be looping Hill Songs new song "Healer" over and over again on my iTunes this afternoon reminding me to pray and believing and hoping for a miracle.

It's a powerful song. You can link to the song and the website dedicated to it here, http://healer.integritymusic.com/.

I think it's safe to say that the Holy Spirit is all over this one!


mom said...

Dad and I have been praying almost non-stop and will continue to do so. Please tell Paula that Her and Todd and Jackson and Sam and Luke are in our hearts and on our lips in prayer. He is the everlasting God!

LauraOM said...

Everyone here with Overland Missions in Zambia is praying. We've seen God heal the sick, blind eyes see, lame walk, and much more. I know the power of our God and we declare it over Todd in the name of Jesus! Even though the doctors say it's irreversible, we know that with God nothing is impossible. We'll continue to stand alongside everyone in faith that Todd is made well.

Heather said...

We will continue to fight for Todd through our prayers. We pray for miraculous healing for Todd - we know our God is able and full of mercy. We will also continue to pray for wisdom, rest and peace for Paula and the family. Our prayers are with you and Kristen too, Mike, as we know how hard it is for you both to watch your friends struggle. We are here for you guys and for Paula in any way -just ask.

Heather & John

Dena Andersen said...

Our thoughts, prayers and hearts continue to be with Todd, Paula and the kids. We will continue to pray that God can bless them with the miracle they need to be strong and get thru this very difficult and scary time. We are praying for you and Kristen as well for the strength that you need to also get thru this difficult time. Huge hugs to everyone.......
Dena & Kirk

Renee said...

Father God,
In the name of Jesus Christ, in whom we trust, we are asking that you move right now in a powerful way for Todd and Paula! Lord you are the healer, come and heal. Touch Todd, your servant, with your mighty hand and restore his body to full strengh in Jesus name. You raise the dead, and heal the soul, you are our only hope and source of strength! No one knows better than you what your servant is experiencing. Touch is body Lord. Father I ask for wisdom for the doctors involved. Every person on his case. Give them eyes to see the problem, medicine and knowledge to respond to his illness. Fill his hospital room right now with armies of heavenly hosts to offer comfort and support for His family and friends. Let everyone who enters his room feel your presence and know that you are the God who recues and saves. From the patient to the docters, nurses, friends, housekeepers, church body. May your power spill over into the doorways and halls of the hospital where he is at. Let your mercy and grace be evident to all. We give you praise and glory. We trust in your ways. Father may lives be touched in the process, hearts restored, families strengthened, hope renewed.

I pray for Paula, their boys, and the rest of the family. Comfort them. I pray for Mike and Kristen as they stand in the gap for their beloved friends. Lead them, give them words and silence at the appropriate times. Understanding that is not of this world.
We trust you Lord! We beleive that your ways are higher than ours. Your understanding greater than ours. Hold these people in the palm of your hands.
Thankyou Lord for hearing and responding to the crys of your servants.
In the almighty name of Jesus Christ we pray,

Mike and Kristen,
We are praying for you. My children are praying right now. Our church Mosaic in Charolotte Nc, and every one who reads by blog across the country is praying for you. Love you!
Mark, Renee, Sarah, Kyndall Lewis

Anonymous said...

We're praying for a miracle. Our constant love and prayers are with you all. May God hold you in his hands and give you peace. All our love, Joe, Kristin, Emma, Ben and Anna Hubbard

corbett said...

There is no one who loves Todd more than our Savior who died to free him and give him life. To Him we pray humbly for his miraculous intervention. We will continue to pray for Todd's complete recovery. It is so good to know that God is in the middle of this if his answer is yes and if his answer is no.

Trust our God, Paula. Keep praying, Orchard.

Corbett and Tricia Reeves

hugahart said...

I will pray for Todd and Paula and the boys and for all of you who are caring for them.
Patti Hart - NCC

Pete & Theresa said...

Our hearts and constant prayers are with Todd, Paula and the boys. God bless and give them strength.

Mike, you and Kristen are also in our prayers.

Pete, Theresa, Josh & Kristen

Gordon said...

Our family is praying for Todd and his family, as are the music team at Lord of Life Community Church.

We put our trust in the Lord that he will continue to take care of Todd, Paula, and the boys as he has all along, even when we don't always see it.

Gordon, Virginia, Andrew, Nathan, and Katie Wahler

Bill Curley said...

Our thoughts and prayers are for you. We hope that Todd will recover and is in no pain.

Bill & Gale